Wall Art online Brisbane

Wall Art Online Brisbane:

Visit our wall art online Brisbane store these stunning metal wall art design’s are memorizing with a holographic aura combining a perfect blend of sanding and brushing techniques, the rich metallic colours which have been applied to the surface of the metal which add vibrancy creating the ULTIMATE WOW FACTOR in modern metal wall art design.

Australian Metal artist Jason Tremewen Brisbane wall art online store specializing in metal wall art, abstract metal wall art, wall sculpture, large metal wall clocks, brushed metal business signage, metal bar & counter coverage’s. Our ultra modern metal Brisbane wall art online store is ideal for any customer who is looking for a unique piece of metal art which will create a focal point in any room being the center of attention for many years to come. For over 12 years Jason has created metal wall art pieces shipping his work to all corners of the globe his metal art wall art online store is a must for all art collector’s looking for something that is as unique as these metal piece’s.

Our wall art online store giving you and your guests the ultra modern look with this exquisite metal art wall decor all metal art is Australian made & owned, If you can dream it Jason can probably create it feel free to drop him a line for your next metal art project.

My mission as an artist is to produce the highest quality with my wall art online creating metal art
piece’s for collector’s and art enthusiast’s with the my professional service and skills to create the art that I provide.


Wall Art Online Brisbane

Wall Art Online Brisbane

Metalistik metal wall art online store with success which is through our outstanding service that we provide with unique craftsmanship on all metal art with the finest of detail to create these piece’s.




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