Coloured Metal Wall Art

All coloured metal wall artwork layout’s may be custom designed by way of size upon request, you may like to add a one of a kind color a extra panel what ever your wishes Metalistik is more then happy to work along side you to create your very own custom designed colored metal wall art piece. Uses for wall art include home, workplace corporate, bar, cafe just to name a few. With over 500 colours to choose from Metalistik can match most pattern and colours supplied by you the purchaser, we offer a 10 year warranty on all craftsmanship for indoor or undercover use, allow Metalistik to help you create your own beautiful coloured metallic wall art layout.

Metalistik Metal Wall Art for something unique in coloured metal wall art

Customize by shape size, and color your own personalized modern wall art design today with over 12 years experience working with brushed metal we can help you create the WOW FACTOR you deserve.

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