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Guitar Clock

Check out our retro metal guitar clocks so funky create a focal point in any room with this cool design your choice of colour,size and style. Contact us today we will create the WOW FACTOR you deserve with this modern design. This Ultra-Modern Guitar Wall Clock comes...

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metal sculpture artist Australia

Metal Sculpture Artist Australia: Modern abstract metal sculpture Artist Australia made and owned our designs are constructed from high-grade aluminum with rich metallic colours applied to the surface to create these stunning wall art sculptures. This modern wall...

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Metallic wall art

Metallic wall art: Check out our new range of colours and designs we have on offer these stunning metallic metal wall art designs will add style to any modern home with their inspiring colours which will create a focal point in any room. All our modern metal wall art...

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Metal Wall Clock Designs

Metal Wall Clock Designs: Check out our exclusive range of metal wall clock designs on offer, with a large range of styles and colors to choose from all metal wall clocks can be customized to size & shape upon request. Bring your walls a live today with these...

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Check out our Ocean Dance Metal Art!

Ocean Dance Metal Wall Art can be customized to size upon request this single panel is created with brushing and sanding techniques with rich vibrant colors applied to the surface of the aluminum to create this very modern piece of artwork. This design a is sure to...

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Extra large metal wall clock design

Extra large metal wall clock design: Looking for a Extra large wall clock design to decorate your wall's with here at Metalistik we can customize metal wall clocks to your size of requirements. You may like to tweak one of our design's have your own creation here at...

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Tips on displaying artwork

Tips on displaying artwork Here are a few simple Tips on displaying artwork in a home or office environment, hanging wall art baffles home decorator's how to decide what should go where, colours,height,grouping of pictures these are all questions when redecorating the...

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