Abstract Art Queensland

Abstract Art Queensland design’s made local:

Our abstract art Queensland design’s can be customised to size upon request. The unique metal art decor is created with brushing and sanding techniques hand textured on the aluminium. Metalistik’s abstract art has a clear finish which is applied to the metal to protect your investment for many years to come.

Each metal piece is raised from the surface which create depth with this unique piece of metal wall art. These Ultra Modern design’s will create a WOW FACTOR in any room with its inspiring metallic finish on the surface of the metal.

Create a focal point today with this stylish wall art design. Which is sure to be the centre of attention in any room bringing your walls a live.

All abstract metal art design’s can be customised by size shape with colour added to the surface upon request.

Metalistik provide free shipping Australia wide on all its designs we also provide a 10 year warranty on all craftsmanship. 

What’s your perfect Abstract Art Queensland design?

abstract Queensland Art Design

Abstract art Queensland designs made local by metal wall artist with the WOW FACTOR you deserve

Our exclusive art designs will make a great addition to any stylish modern and contemporary room. For over 10 years Jason has created unique abstract metal art pieces shipping his work to all corners of the globe.

All metal art is made in Brisbane Australia with a superior quality finish giving you and your guests the ultra modern look with this exquisite abstract metal art decor. If you can dream it Jason can probably create it feel free to drop him a line for your next unique art project.

We provide transit insurance on all art work giving you great piece of mind with your purchase.

Creating a modern look with our Metal Wall decor designs with a stylish finish in any room. 

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on all Abstract Art Queensland pieces Australia wide.

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